Product | KMR81 | Detail Description

Pristine Dialogue, Uncolored Sound in the Digital Domain

The KMR 81 D takes the well-established KMR 81 i shotgun microphone into the digital domain. It provides all of the features of its analog counterpart, which made it a favorite of sound engineers in movie and documentary productions. Additionally, it offers all the advantages of the digital technology, such as an extended dynamic range, a more robust operation (EMC safe) and clipping protection by means of the integrated peak limiter/compressor.

Using the DMI-2 or DMI-8 digital microphone interface together with the Remote Control Software (RCS), any pre-programmed settings may be stored in the microphones.

Further information on this microphone can be found on the webpages of the analog variant, the KMR 81 i. Further information on the Neumann digital microphone technology can be downloaded as PDF.

The digital Neumann microphone technology (Solution-D) will no longer be part of the Neumann product portfolio from 2021. Last order date for dealers will be 31 July 2020. After that, the products will be available as long as stock lasts. Service for all Solution-D hardware products is guaranteed until 31 Dec 2030.

The Remote Control Software (32 Bit, available also as VST plug-in) for the digital Neumann microphones is compatible with Windows 98SE – Windows 10 and Mac OS 8.6 – Mac OS X 10.14.6. There will be no further updates of the RCS software.