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Your Digital Expert for Professional Monitoring Quality

Neumann’s Automatic Monitor Alignment MA 1 ensures the best possible sound quality in any room – from home studios to professional control rooms. Using the individually calibrated measurement microphone your acoustic environment is analyzed in a guided process. Advanced calibration algorithms, jointly developed with the world's leading institute in audio processing, Fraunhofer IIS, guarantee an optimally adapted amplitude and phase correction for exact and reliable monitoring.

Reliable Monitoring

Anywhere Neumann’s Automatic Alignment is a dedicated tool for stereo sets of DSP-based KH-Line monitors with or without the KH 750 DSP/AES67 as well as two non DSP-based KH-Line monitors connected to the analog outputs of a KH 750 DSP/AES67 subwoofer. Unlike conventional correction software it is an integrated solution with novel algorithms, jointly developed with the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits (IIS) specifically for Neumann studio monitors. No plug-in or special audio driver is required: Alignment data is stored and processed within the DSP-powered monitors resp. the subwoofer themselves. As a unique benefit, the software not only optimizes the amplitude response but also optimizes the phase. This provides highest accuracy in terms of tonality, impulse reproduction and stereo localization.

How it works

In a first step, acoustic data of the listening environment is gathered in a guided process. No special acoustic knowledge is required. Simply connect your Neumann monitors to the outputs of your audio interface or monitor controller. Additionally, your DSP-based KH-line monitors must also be connected to your computer’s ethernet port. For multiple connections, a standard ethernet switch will do.

Now plug the MA 1 measurement microphone into your microphone input. This microphone was specifically developed for this software and is individually calibrated by it. The software will guide you through the measurement process.

From the measured data, the software ascertains the room’s acoustic properties. The individual correction parameters are generated according to a room-specific target curve calculated by the software. Neumann's decades of experience in calibrating monitoring systems in studio control rooms has been incorporated into this process. Of course, you can modify the target curve to your needs.

An updated Monitor Alignment Algorithm compensates room modes more precisely and effectively. Different alignments as well as complete hardware and measurement setups can be conveniently saved and recalled.

Additionally, the alignment process ensures an optimal summation in the low frequencies when a subwoofer is used. This achieves a runtime- and phase-correct combination of the monitors and the subwoofer. The often differentiated perceptible reproduction of subwoofer and monitor is thus prevented. The result is a system as if cast from a single mold.

All resulting correction parameters are stored and processed in the DSP-powered monitors. So there is nothing to worry about anymore, no plug-ins, no driver issues. And no additional cables, either: Once the alignment process is completed, the ethernet connections are not required anymore.

Using the KH 750 DSP subwoofer, stereo sets of analog KH-Line monitors, too, can be used with the Automatic Monitor Alignment Software. The KH 750 DSP has enough processing power to align the entire system including the two analog loudspeakers connected to its outputs. Additionally, KH 120, KH 310, and KH 420 loudspeakers profit from phase linearization of their built-in crossover filters! The result is increased clarity, a dry bass, and a time-correct, more accurate depiction of reverbs and acoustic spaces.

For the market launch we are offering attractive kits consisting of KH Line Monitors and the MA 1 package (see order info).

The Future

The MA 1 Automatic Monitor Alignment is the beginning of a new era in monitoring. Starting with the current version, which delivers outstanding acoustic results for stereo setups, the range of software functions will be expanded step by step with updates.

Hardware requirements
  • 1 pair of KH DSP loudspeakers or up to two KH 750 DSP subwoofers in combination with a pair of analog (non-DSP based) KH loudspeakers
  • Neumann MA 1 measurement microphone
  • Computer (Windows 10 64 Bit and macOS 10.13, 10.14, 10.15 or 11.0)
  • Audio interface with balanced analog input with 48 V phantom power and 2 balanced analog outputs or digital AES3 output (only with KH 750 DSP)
  • Network switch
  • Screen resolution of 1280×720 px or higher
Software requirements
  • Operating system: Windows 10 64 Bit and macOS 10.13, 10.14, 10.15 or 11.0
  • Neumann MA 1 – Automatic Monitor Alignment software
  • ASIO driver (for Windows)
  • IPv6 supported and enabled
DSP loudspeakers (network-enabled) The following loudspeakers and subwoofers are network-enabled and can be controlled directly by the software:
  • KH 80 DSP
  • KH 150
  • KH 750 DSP
  • KH 750 AES67
Analog loudspeakers (not network-enabled) The following loudspeakers are not network-enabled and need to be connected via a network- enabled subwoofer in order to be included in the system setup.
  • KH 120 A
  • KH 120 D
  • KH 310 A
  • KH 310 D
  • KH 420/KH 420 + DIM 1
Important Information
Please note:
  • After the alignment process, the MA 1 software stores the correction data in the monitors or in the subwoofer. In addition, both the hardware setup and the alignment(s) created are saved in the software and can be changed later if required. Another continuous connection to the computer is only required if the loudspeaker setup is to be controlled via the MA 1 during operation. This includes level settings, bass management (if a subwoofer is connected) and setup or alignment changes.

Therefore, no Ethernet connection to the computer is required for further operation of the aligned system. Currently, the data stored in the loudspeaker(s) cannot be recalled or changed, once the software is closed. The calibration procedure must be started from the beginning and repeated.

  • The following currently applies: If the loudspeakers were previously adjusted using the Neumann.Control iPad® app, their correction data will be overwritten by an alignment with the MA 1 software. If you open the Neumann.Control iPad® app again, the last data stored in the app is sent to the loudspeakers, thus overwriting the correction data generated by the MA 1.
  • Alignment settings are made via the MA 1 software. Other parameters (e.g. mute, delay ...) cannot currently be controlled by the MA 1 software.
  • The MA 1 software does not include Guided Alignment or Manual Alignment like on the Neumann.Control iPad® app.

ATTENTION: Unfortunately, our microphone correction table is currently not available. We are working on making it available again as soon as possible.