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Neumann DIM 1

Neumann DIM 1

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Input Module that adds digital inputs.

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DIM 1 - Digital Input Module

The Digital Input Module adds 192 kHz 24-bit XLR and BNC digital inputs and a BNC digital output for digital signal interconnectivity. 400 ms of delay allows for lipsync adjustment and a fine resolution allows for time-of-flight adjustment. The delay can be added to the digital or and analog inputs. The DIM 1 can be retrofitted to the KH 420.

Format BNC: AES3, S/P-DIF

Impedance BNC, unbalanced: 75 Ω (input/output)

Format XLR: AES3 Impedance XLR, balanced: 110 Ω (input)

Input switching: Analog, Digital A, Digital B, Digital A+B (all available with and without delay)

Digital converter, resolution, design: 16 ... 24-bit DAC, Δ∑ Digital converter, sampling rate: 32 ... 192 kHz

Digital sensitivity: -18 dBFS

D-A dynamic range: 120 dB

Audio-Video/lip sync and Time-of-Flight delay range: 0 ... 409.5 ms

Audio-Video/lip sync max. frames: 0 ... 10.2 (40 ms) frames, 0 ... 12.3 (33 ms) frames

Resolution, time/distance: 0.1 ms / 3.4 cm ( 1 3/8")

Latency D-A (A-D-A): 0.22 - 1.85 ms (0.54 ms)

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